Thursday, March 15, 2007

First Blog Posting: March 15, 2007

Just updated the Ogallala Aquifer section:

Earlier Added Poems by Barbara Spring to the Great Lakes Area:

Earlier Added Great Presentation by Evan Ashworth of Piedmont Biofuels:

more coming stay tuned.



Joseph Puentes (Environment Podcast) (Latin American History)


desertfoxx said...

Welcome aboard Joseph. Looking forward to your podcasts on water.

Dave Riley said...

I've tried to stay subscribed to your podcasts but your feed is a mess!. I suggest you subscribe to your own feed and monitor it that way as a matter of course.

Because at the other end here it is so very confusing to follow and handle.

Each item is downloaded in bundles so often of three and your massive header is about ten times too long. Why not just call it "Water Podcast" and be done with that?

And you need to standardise the title for each program.

It's not the way to podcast. You have to edit your material down in Audacity or like program and offer it is packages.I suggest if people want the long version, then you offer that elsewhere either on a different feed or as standalone segments in flash players (eg:by utilizing Odeo which makes it easy to post to Blogger blogs)

But now you have your blog, you can perhaps get better control of your stuff. I hope so.

I'm suggesting you'll have much better effect and broader reach out if you do.

Water (H2O) Podcast said...

thanks desertfoxx for the kind welcome. Hope you listen to some of the audio on the site. Please make suggestions as they come to you. thanks again. By the way that was only 4 hours after I posted the first message how'd you find me so fast???


Water (H2O) Podcast said...

Dave Riley. You are a real gem! Precious are your comments. Please keep them coming. I want to say something right off. Please don't interpret my asking "Why" as resistance. I just want to know. So please help me understand.

I have been monitoring it but only on iTunes. Now I'm in the process of downloading the individual audio items with Juice just so I can see if I find the trouble of which you speak.

What do you mean by "Each item is downloaded in bundles so often of three" What does that mean???

How does a long header interfere with the listening experience? or being able to download the audio?

It is hard to standarize when each group of audios is from a different source. Each group of audios is not dependant on the previous set of audios so they basically can stand alone. therefore I'm trying to standarize each group. Help me understand you perspective with this one as I'm not quite getting it.

thanks again for your comments and please keep them coming. I appreciate your suggestions. I needed a good kick and you are the man with a shoe. thanks,


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