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Nitrous Oxide: Ozone Depleting and Greenhouse Gas

15 January 2010

Nitrous Oxide has taken over the top spot as an Ozone depleting gas. The podcast is a reading of a series of online reports that looks at some of the details regarding sources and solutions to reducing the amount of Nitrous Oxide being released into the Environment.

Pamela Rice "Troubled Waters: Oceans In Peril"

01 January 2010

I wish to thank Pamela Rice for so graciously giving the "Vegan - Vegetarian Solutions for a Sustainable Environment" (VSSE) podcast permission to read from her book, "101 Reasons Why I'm A Vegetarian."

Pamela Rice "Cyanide and dynamite: Reefs on the edge"

15 December 2009

I wish to thank Pamela Rice for so graciously giving the "Vegan - Vegetarian Solutions for a Sustainable Environment" (VSSE) podcast permission to read from her book, "101 Reasons Why I'm A Vegetarian."

Nikolas Kozloff "The Coolness Factor is Wearing Thin"

01 December 2009

In his October 16, 2009 article "The Coolness Factor is Wearing Thin. Rainforest Beef, Factory Farms and Anthony Bourdain's War on Vegetarians" Nikolas Kozloff examines Celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain's inconsistencies in his disdain for vegetarians and vegans.

Nikolas Kozloff is the author of the forthcoming No Rain in the Amazon: How South America's Climate Change Affects the Entire Planet (Palgrave-Macmillan, April 2010). Visit his blog at

"Cattle Ranching Destroying The Amazon" Part 2

15 November 2009

This podcast is the conclusion of the reading of four online articles about the destruction taking place in the Amazon Rain Forest by illegal Cattle Ranching.

"Cattle Ranching Destroying The Amazon" Part 1

01 November 2009

For this podcast I'll be reading two online articles about the destruction taking place in the Amazon Rain Forest by illegal Cattle Ranching. On November 15th I'll be reading two other articles that show a glimmer of hope for the future.

Aryan Tavakkoli - "Environmental Impact of Eating Fish"

15 October 2009

The environmental impact of eating fish is often under appreciated. Commercial fishing is one of the most environmentally destructive activities and carries grave consequences for the future of our marine eco-systems which produce most of Earth's oxygen supply. The human race cannot survive without healthy oceans. The survival of our planet, and ourselves, is at stake. If you think that eating fish is okay, you need to hear the facts about fishing.

Mark Bittman - NY Times "Rethinking The Meat-Guzzler"

01 October 2009

"Rethinking the Meat-Guzzler" by Mark Bittman was published on January 27, 2008 in "The World" section of the NY Times. The written article can be accessed by clicking: THIS LINK

Living On Earth - Ellen Silbergeld "Farming The Flu"

15 September 2009

The following description is from the Living On Earth website. The site has a fabulous archive podcasts on many environmental topics. Visit this link to read the transcript of: "Farming The Flu" and subscribe to the podcast with this RSS feed:

As health officials try to guess where the so-called swine flu will show up next, other researchers are trying to track the H1N1 virus to its origins. And a number of experts suspect large-scale factory farms. Host Jeff Young talks with Johns Hopkins Public Health Professor Ellen Silbergeld who says crowded, filthy conditions at factory farms could speed the mutation and transfer of viruses from pigs to people.

Aryan Tavakkoli "Methane - The Hidden Danger"

01 September 2009

"We are fast approaching an irreversible TIPPING POINT that could trigger the release of billions of tonnes of methane gas, catapulting us into a period of unstoppable and ABRUPT CLIMATE CHANGE. Let's not reach that point. Learn how you can protect the planet as well as your own life..."

Noam Mohr "A New Global Warming Strategy"

15 August 2009

Many thanks to Noam Mohr for permission to read his August 2005 EarthSave International Report: "A New Global Warming Strategy: How Environmentalists are Overlooking Vegetarianism as the Most Effective Tool Against Climate Change in Our Lifetimes" -

To read the report in its entirety along with references please visit:
"A New Global Warming Strategy"

"The Hidden Cost Of Our Growing Taste For Meat"

01 August 2009

Many thanks to the Observer online newsletter, for their excellent reporting.

In this article Juliette Jowit and Oliver Balch present very important information on
"The Hidden Cost Of Our Growing Taste For Meat"

The Humane Society of the United States "Eating For The Environment"

15 July 2009

Sincere thanks to The Humane Society of the United States for their information
packed article "Eating For The Environment" that can be found at

Richard Schwartz "An Alternative US Foreign Policy"

01 July 2009

Many thanks to Dr. Schwartz for permission to have his article read for the podcast.

Richard Schwartz, Ph.D.; Professor Emeritus, Mathematics, College of Staten Island; President of the Jewish Vegetarians of North America and Society of Ethical and Religious Vegetarianism; Author of Judaism and Vegetarianism, Judaism and Global Survival, and Mathematics and Global Survival discusses what should be An Alternative US Foreign Policy;;

Mike Hudak "Violence and Social Harassment"

01 July 2009

Mike Hudak, director of Public Lands Without Livestock (, draws upon passages from his book Western Turf Wars: The Politics of Public Lands Ranching ( that demonstrate how ranchers who seek more favorable management of their public lands grazing allotments use violence and social pressure to intimidate conservationists and government land managers. Contact Info:

Ken Midkiff "Repetition Of A Lie"

01 July 2009

Ken Midkiff discusses the most obvious violation that CAFO's cause to the Environment: Bad Air Quality - Stink. Much information can be found by visiting Ken's website: or you can email Ken at

Plato, Pythagoras, Socrates

15 June 2009

Many thanks to Gar Smith with the Environmentalists Against War website,
Richard Schwartz, president of the Jewish Vegetarians of North America as well
as to Pythagoras, Plato and Socrates. The Reading from Plato's Republic is from
the translation by G.M.A. Grube pages 47-49 of Book II. Another version is available
on pages 49-51

Kathy Freston "A Few More 'Inconvenient Truths' "

15 June 2009

Tricia Orr, a member of the New Hampshire Animal Rights League, reads from Kathy Freston's blog,, the February 2, 2007 entry "A Few More 'Inconvenient Truths' " for the Vegan-Vegetarian Solutions for a Sustainable Environment podcast.

Pamela Rice "Fossil Fuel Alchemy"

15 June 2009

I wish to thank Pamela Rice for so graciously giving the "Vegan - Vegetarian Solutions for a Sustainable Environment" (VSSE) podcast permission to read from her book, "101 Reasons Why I'm A Vegetarian." Please visit her webpage to find information about her work and how you can support it by buying her very important and well written book:

Howard Lyman and Jerry Cook "Environmental Effects of Animal Factory Farming"

01 June 2009

Howard Lyman and Jerry Cook have a conversation about the effects on the environment associated with our current day animal production. (factory farming). They also chatted about swine flu, the subsidies associated with the fast food hamburgers, transportation associated with feed lots and our foods, effects of deforestation and a bit about Mad Cow Disease. More info at

Here are some links to other Interviews of Howard Lyman on the Animal Voices Podcast:

October 17, 2008

September 26, 2008

May 23, 2008

Karen Davis "Why Industrial Chicken Production is Wrong"

15 May 2009

Why Industrial Chicken Production is Wrong
Karen Davis, PhD, President of United Poultry Concerns

Dr. Rajendra Pachauri "Meat and Climate Change"

01 May 2009

Many thanks to The Climate Outreach Information Network (COIN) for providing the following online description and audio of Dr. Pachauri's important presentation:

We are delighted to present a recording of a lecture by joint Nobel Peace Prize Winner and Chair of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Dr Rajendra Pachauri. Dr Pachauri has made news recently by advocating eating less meat as a personal contribution to combating the problem of global warming and climate change. This advice has its basis in a recent report by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation entitled "Livestock's Long Shadow" which showed that beef and dairy farming was responsible for a massive 18% of global greenhouse gas emissions - more than the entire global transport sector. The lecture is entitled "Global Warning - The impact of meat production and consumption on climate change."

George Monbiot "Why Vegans Were Right All Along"

01 May 2009

The following is by George Monbiot as it appeared in The Guardian on 24 December 2002. The article can be found at: famine George Monbiot's blog can be found at

Copyright © 2009 George Monbiot, All Rights Reserved.

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