Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Two New Items: h20 domain name and Pickle Player

Just wanted to say that I've been struggling ever since I realized that someone purchased the h20podcast domain. Now you're saying what is the difference? Well I originally purchased the h2opodcast domain and not h20podcast domain. Notice how the "Zero" looks just like the "O" and that was causing some confusion since folks would go to "Htwenty" and not "H2O" and find a "for profit" site trying to take advantage of my site traffic. Well low and behold I guess that person/organization gave up the domain because I recently checked and was able to purchase it. Not that domain is set to redirect to the H2Opodcast.com site and I'm just so happy about that.

Also I'm slowing adding the free "Pickle Player" to the new pages I edit. That way there will be an easy way for folks to listen directly online from the pickle player and also have the option to download to their computers for listening at a more convenient time. visit this page to get your own free pickle player if you have a podcast of your own:




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